Your Love

by mangokitty

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fun in the sun and everything in-between hehe


released June 10, 2016

Everything by Vicki Tsai and Woodrow Yeakel



all rights reserved


mangokitty Los Angeles, California

Californian pop duo mangokitty, Victoria Tsai and Woodrow Yeakel, bringing you emotional lyrics and sweet melodies!

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Track Name: Your Love
Shoot x3 I know you wanna take me down
Boom x3 you've got your chance now
Shoot x3 we're all alone now
So take aim and bring me to my knees

Shoot x3 with a steady hand now
Boom x3 pull your brim down
Shoot x3 we're all alone now
So take aim and bring me to my knees

I've got your heart now boy
Got your number under lock and key
You're running out of time
I've got you underneath my tongue

I'll shoot x3 you down
Out of my heart the bullet rips
One by one the deafening sound
Of my love going right through you

I get the feeling
Your light has gone out
Bring to me all of the things that you wanted say
I know I wouldn't care to pay attention anyway

Bring all your love to me
You are my fantasy
Oh baby can't you see
This world was meant for me

You know that you're fighting a losing battle baby
Just because you said it doesn't mean you understood
And all of the times that I for for you
Your heart couldn't take it
Track Name: Spinnin
I'm starin at a blank page
The words are choking me in my sleep
The birds all cry in outrage
This penny love is nothing but cheap

But I still won't go
Afraid of walking two steps back
But I still don't go
I'm strayin from this neat centered track

Every day you've got me spinnin

Callous words
they just don't mean a thing to me anymore
You reach out
your fist is met with mist
keep grabbin blindly in the dark
you're always gonna miss your mark

Don't complain
You keep solvin life with numbers
Just refrain
All you ever want are answers
Track Name: Peaches 'n' Cream
Tell me that I'm your girl
Sweetness rolls out your mouth like marbles
Sunset beauty at 3
Popcorn dates I'm always getting home late

Yeah I'm in love baby
You're always on my mind
Life like Miss Cindy
I just can't keep the time

Yeah I'm in love baby
You've got a hold on me
Bring me my glass heel honey
And now let's count to

123 and baby I'm yours

You oh it's you
Where we go I don't care
I wanna be with you
Don't you want me too
You are all, all I want
You're all I want for me

I'm dreaming of a place
Where stars align inside our space
To feel your presence near
Your love is all I wanna hear

Take me out I wanna be your girl
Hold my hand and make me your whole world
Be my boy and run away with me
I'll hold you tight as I fall asleep tonight

Your words they melt like cotton candy
I've heard you cast a spell on me
Queens will have priority
Kings will rule by their side
Track Name: Suzy
Pack my bags get out the door
I’ve got to catch a flight
Got involved with the wrong people
and I ended up starting a fight
Wasn’t my first one, won’t be the last one
Got to set things right, but tonight…

Watching the city pass underneath me
that I’ve known for twenty years
Where I shed so many tears
conquered so many fears
and it might be the last time I ever see it
but I’ve got to close my eyes
cus tonight…

Cus you’ve conquered my body
now I’ve got that crutch
do I need something better when I’ve got so much?
Got the whole world in front of me it seems too much
I’ve just got to go slowly, I can’t rush

And when I was a young girl
I stuck to this idea
that I could fight for my survival
I could move up past my sphere
I worked so hard every day and night and my idea began to bloom
I got it right…

But as time went on and the gettin was good
that idea began to fade
I forgot the beginning of my own story: the bills and the rage
I started training for glory
and not for the soul of the fight
I lost sight…


it seems like the stars align for us
you’ve given me something that means so much

Track Name: Traverse
Come away with me
To another plane
Where we could be something other than human

Because you make me feel
Like I'm on a collision course to your world

And you take me in

Billions of stars
Ignite your flame
Baby you have got something under your sleeve
Don't hide it from me

Your secrets are mine
Cast in shadow every time
Now we lay down to sleep

I know you're tired but maybe
We could hold on tight
Track Name: Starshine
Your eyes are bright
They turn to me with mystery
You grip me tight
Inside your captive gaze

I come alive
With nothing left to keep me sane
I'm reeling out
Into a starry haze

Oh oh ohhh
You know you got me singing like

Star shine!
You're making my life so bright
You're filling me up with light
I don't wanna lose your name

You make me feel
Like I'm the only one for you
Your lips they smile
I'm ready for a taste

Your rose perfume
It eats me up in full embrace
I'm carried toward
Those heavenly gates
Track Name: Red Eye
I wanna go
All over the world
To see the places that they've spoken of
I'm getting in
The habit of
Making lists seen by no one

Saving up my coins
I'll get out there somehow
Don't care it'll take awhile

I'd love to see
The history
Of lands and people who have come before us

Rushing out on
Red eye flights we'll
Learn new ways to live our lives
Keep in touch with
Good intentions/Rules of culture
Don't mind if you stay awhile

I know I'm not
The center of
This world we live together on

News in this town
Will try to tell
Me lies so I can't see otherwise

Packing up my bags now
It all happened somehow
I will choose to break the mold
Track Name: Capture Me
Oceans apart
I've been longing for you from the start
The thought of you
Builds emptiness inside of me

I want to keep running
Till I collapse into your outreached arms
I wish it was easy

To show you x2
To show you the beat of my heart

Capture me x2
I'm falling backwards

If only you knew
The miles I would go to reach the point that's next to you
I'd happily bring all your favorite things
Like a crow without a partner
I'm doomed to be a martyr
Of my own
Track Name: With You
I think you're really special
I think you've got it all
I think you're the one for me

I wanna hold your hand
I wanna share the stars with
You are all that I see

Take me take me out
You know I'd love to go
Anywhere you want
As long as it's with you

You know all the cool songs
You think of everything
You are beautiful to me

You're feeling lost in life
And that's okay because
I feel it too

I know we can make it
If we just try
I know we can make it
Please don't be shy
Track Name: Loose
Won't you dance with me
Come a little closer
I won't bite

What are you afraid of
Won't you come here
What have you got to lose
Won't you come here

Live with your sins
Take it all in
You don't have to say you're sorry
Just know we are watching anyway

Thinking you can leave
I am getting closer
I will bite
Track Name: Humility
Crazy nights with strange folks
Holed up in a house
Where I don't know
Anyone but you

Stumblin bout across the room

One for the brave
Two for the sane
Three for my ego
Four for the blame
These foolish thoughts that guide me home
And lead me back to you
Courage to give
Your love its true due

Standing in the bathroom
Bleary-eyed awake
Is this all a mistake
But you call to me so tenderly

Poison runs hot through my veins
Against the frigid air
The searing pain in my brain
Reminds me that you're here