Hot Paw

by mangokitty

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2nd release from cali pop duo mangokitty. An album to warm your paws up and dance to like it's 1880.


released December 1, 2015

All songs written, composed, recorded, and produced by Victoria Tsai and Woodrow Yeakel. All artwork by Victoria Tsai (



all rights reserved


mangokitty Los Angeles, California

Californian pop duo mangokitty, Victoria Tsai and Woodrow Yeakel, bringing you emotional lyrics and sweet melodies!

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Track Name: Talking to Yourself
Little voice saying
Don't you go playing
Keep to yourself or else
Bad things will happen

Nod your head no thanks
Many faces await
You're just too afraid
Mistakes you have made
Mistakes you will make

Keep it coming on
You are not afraid

[Chorus] Dance if you wanna
Sing if you wanna
Turn off the voice inside
No one's gonna listen
Just live your life
Nothing's going to happen
Quit talking to yourself

So what if they laugh
No need to look back
You are on track
The rest of those stings don't mean a thing
Lately the room is changing
Pink light illuminating
You are best when you try

However you work it out
Give it boy give it a chance
Track Name: Santorini
We are giants towering over roads
Painted, paved with gold
Misty shadows fade into the sky
Sea birds fly high

Hands gripping the wheel
Steering this ship now
I know we can make it happen somehow
Look into your eyes
Ninety different lives
Let me be your sunrise

Cut me in half
Forty-five lives left
Cut me in half
We're not done yet

Birds will always migrate south
Take some time to look around
Peaches grow on cherry trees
Life's not always as it seems
Track Name: Doppelgänger
Don't you know that heaven surrounds us
Praying to you keeps me company
Sound as it seems you're always haunting me

And I've been laid to sleep tonight
Dreaming you finally held me tight
Over the hills I am in
Your fantasy dream land of sin
Don't fight it, don't hide it

Do it now, do it now I'm all yours now
Keep my body close there is no other way
You could let it out

Show me show me how
You like to dance
Keep my body safe there is no other way
You'd have a chance

Don't hesitate, you are not safe
Jump into my arms and you're okay
Don't make a feel of me anymore
Or you will pay

You like to hurt me, try to convince me
That all of these things are in my head
Cat and mouse chasing
Start all over again
Track Name: Rotten
[Transl: We've come all this way together
Yeah but, -
I don't think of you as business, you know
You're my dream, one that I created.]

I must be too perfect
Fake head to toe
Even my smile's been like this too long

But they love me this way
But you love me this way
That's all I need to say

No competition exist to take me
But oh my god I'm so lonely
Restless nights spent dreaming
Keeping me awake until I beg for sleep
Everything hurts am I awake yet
This life of little liquors helps me to accommodate
Climbing and climbing we all fall down
If this is winning I wish I'd drown
Seeing me now
No one wears the crown

Don't you love me this way

Track Name: Peach Lemonade
Sitting on your front porch waiting for something to happen
You know that life is short
Just waste away and die away and keep it going on

No one's gonna save you so you might as well
No one's gonna save you they'll drag you down to hell with them

Wrap yourself in your duvet and wish the world would go away
The ice is clinking on the glass and dripping
Why don't you go ahead and get to sipping

Singing to the birds in blue
The song that they are singing reminds me so much of you
Pastel orange colors your lips
Reminder of the bitterness every time we kissed

Fingers dangling over the side of the bed
Like you've admitted it's just all in your head
Take a sip of peach lemonade
Sweet and bitter to the taste
Track Name: 66˚
Days go by
Caught up in your lies
Well that's no surprise
Sleep with me
Red varnish chipping off of your nails
Your touch was always filled with cheap thrills

But you were too
Busy keeping yourself safe and warm inside
But I need fire
You bat your eyes and ask me why

Baby I was wrong too
Baby come along too
Ocean drowns our feet
Swallows us up in the deep
Your dewdrop words are still so sweet

No more messing around
the light has gone off crashed against the rocks
Your compass is lost out at sea
Oh captain, my captain, come back to me
Track Name: Overgrown
Open your eyes now
You're all alone and no one's here to hurt you
How come time is moving fast and crawling slow
Get out now

Hands frozen
Lazy clouds stand still the future's still uncertain
Flies will drift about in any direction
Don't let it get to you
The world is hungry too, we're all waiting for something greater
It's true

Don't be afraid, it's not the same
Life's like a game, life's just a game, again
Stack your pieces high
Sing a lullaby
Go to sleep wake up dreaming in the clouds
There's no need to be shy

Don't over complicate it
Timing is on your side
No rolls left in this die, left to die
Track Name: Watering Plants
Some people tell me I am worth their time
But you would always make me feel otherwise
I spend my days trying to keep my cool
But that just makes me feel like a fool for you

I count the days till I see you again
Maybe it's better when I play pretend
As if a life between us could work out
Your presence near me is like a thundercloud
Help me forget now

Lights dimming all around us
But you are nowhere by my side
Those trumpets call my name
Saying bide your time

Don't keep me waiting for you anymore
Why can't we just settle the score
You'll lose me if you continue to
Your memory is fading to blue

Baby it's just too long I've been waiting for your admiration
Track Name: Shipped to Chicago
Impatient feet tapping
Many voices snapping
The lines here get too long
And I'll keep clicking until they are gone
Angry faces wait for changes

I'm calling you up now
Approach slowly or else I'll
Stop you from swiping
Keep it in hiding
Until I say go
That's how you'll know for sure

Day by day goes by as I'm trapped in these confines
I want to help you see me when I'm not feeling this tired
I'm a first class citizen in my mind
And that's alright

If I could defy the preconceived notions that I over analyze
Yellow marks show my heart in the realest way
Reveal these signs

Oh until next time x3
I'll catch your eyes
Track Name: 10 Minutes
Call me up at 10 in the morning
Tell me that you're lonely
I don't recognize this voice
You insist it's only

A misstep along the way
Tell me how I'm wholly
Lost inside my own life
I can't deny it truly

Silence from your end
Get these thoughts outta my wandering mind
Fifteen rings until you're gone
Don't call back this time

I've tried to find
The missing pieces of this puzzle that just don't seem to have the time
Give me space outside your embrace

Thirty, unemployed, what future
If it's a poem you want
I'll write you thirty more
We'll play this game
You and me who have no names

Boiling conversation brings new headaches
Pull me out it's not like I meant it
Years go by
Your silence is not so shy
Track Name: Outro (Hot Paw)
Hot Paw, Hot Paw
He's got a hot paw
Strolling the seas all history

Hot Paw, Hot Paw
Brave Ole' Hot Paw
Soot covered hot paw
come back to me
good natured Hot Paw, where will we meet?

Strolling the seas all history...